These links are intended to be a helpful tool for doing business with the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

Please go directly to the SDDOT website ( to get the most current information.

You are using these links at your own risk.  (If links are broken, the SDDOT has likely updated/moved the information.)

SDDOT Average Unit Bid Prices:  Click Here

SDDOT Bid Letting Information:  Click Here

SDDOT Speck Book and Supplemental Specs:  Click Here

SDDOT Materials Manual & Concrete Paving/Plants References:  Click Here

SDDOT Submittal Forms:  DOT 77,     DOT 57, DOT 24

SDDOT Product Evaluation Procedure:  Click Here 

SDDOT Product Evaluation Request Form: Contact SDDOT for Form 51

To have an additional form linked here, contact SDRMCA.

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